College Mattress Topper

Talalay Latex Foam is better than memory foam or eggcrates

Superior Quality Pincore Talalay Latex Foam

We invite you to learn more about this amazing material used to create your sleep on it® college mattress topper and all of the benefits it offers for your sleep, health, and comfort while away at college.

Latex is Rubber, Not Plastic

Unlike traditional mattress topper foams, which are oil based plastics, the Talalay Latex foam used in the sleep on it® utilizes natural material harvested from renewable rubber trees.

Latex Responds and Supports

The latex topper instantly supports your natural body shape while simultaneously maintaining spinal posture. Therefore, you sleep deeper and wake comfortably.

Latex Does Not Sleep Hot

Talalay Latex has been independently proven to be 4x more breathable than other foams. This is due to its uniform “open cell” structure. The pincore design allows airflow throughout the entire sleep surface so you sleep cooler.

Made From Natural Ingredients

Hevea Brasiliensis – Rubber Tree

You’ll sleep healthy and reduce respiratory reactions knowing the topper on your bed is toxin free, hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant, also mold and mildew proof—great for those “stuffy” dorms!

Relax Muscles to Relieve Stress and Tension

Everyday college stress, poor posture at a desk until late night or sleeping on an uncomfortable dorm mattress can aggravate muscles, which can leave you tired, sore and cranky. The pressure-free feel of a Talalay Latex topper allows you to relax, so you sleep better.

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Made in the USA!

$135.00 plus S&H